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So it’s 2 DAYS before the BIG JUMP!!!!!45 hours to be exact…. yikes!!!

I must say I’m starting to feel a teeny tiny bit scared..ok I’m very scared. *takes a deep breath*

We are craaaazzzzzyyyy!!!!….I don’t know what we were thinking? anyway…
Seeing as it’s our first bungee jump (And most likely the LAST!! never doing anything like this EVER again..No! NEVER.Karen I hope you are reading this) I thought it would be a good idea to get aquainted with the sport (don’t know if this is possible but hey, it’s worth a try).
So I started browsing the internet to get some pointers and mentally prepare myself. Here’s what I came across:

  1. Find a bungee jumping place near you. Make sure this is a legal outfit and not some random guy with a rope on top of a bridge.
  2. Know that when you get to your location, the staff there will give you bunch of stuff to sign, including those scary waivers. They will also weigh you (don’t worry, no one knows your weight but them) and then will send you up. When you get to the top of the bungee bridge, there will be instructors up there who will prep you. Listen to what they have to say, as it will make your jump more enjoyable. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions- that’s what they are there for. The instructors will put padding around your ankles and then attach big elastic bands around your ankles, which will in turn be attached to the actual bungee cord!
  3. Listen to when they say go, jump! It’s an incredible feeling falling through the air at that speed! Enjoy the ride, and feel free to scream your head off! After the jump, a guy in a boat will come and unhook you from the cords. Be nice to him!
  4. Brag about it! You just went bungee jumping- you are instantly super-cool!


I’m pretty sure we’re good on all points except I’m not too sure what those waivers are about, but I’m guessing they’ll be something like ” I consent that I am solely responsible for participating in this sport….and the organisation is not be liable for any damages…” STOP!!

I love the last point ‘Brag about it’!!!  you bet we will!!!!


*Title is a quote by Helen Keller

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The Cliff

Ever heard people say “If everyone jumped off a bridge/cliff would you?”

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